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Movement Lab for the Chiropractic Care Patient in Bellingham

Woman on exercise boardIt’s not surprising that neck or back pain is what brings the majority of patients into our practice. While chiropractic adjustments are critical in restoring spinal alignment and relieving pain, Movement Lab at Noble Chiropractic brings about a level of balance in the body that’s not there.

What Is Movement Lab?

Movement Lab is a dynamic technique created by Dr. Noble to change neural patterns to decrease asymmetries in the body which affect balance. After several years of testing, he found that most people have a delay in their ability to hold a position due to diminished muscle recruitment.

With Movement Lab, we can decrease the delay and increase the muscle recruitment pattern rapidly. After changes to the neural pattern have been made, those changes hold and become your “new normal” pattern.

This means we can remove any twist to the spine, even out discrepancies in leg length discrepancies, and balance shoulders. Movement Lab helps strengthen the body, helping it become more robust and nimble.

Addressing Asymmetry

“Someone with pain often experiences asymmetry in the body. It’s supposed to be tensionsed out in a certain way, like the hub in a bicycle wheel. When tensions are even, the wheel runs true and straight. But when they become out of tension, that wheel starts to wobble,” said Dr. Noble.

If someone comes in with low back pain, often there’s a twist on the pelvis, and frequently one of the underlying pieces is this asymmetry. These tensions around the pelvis are not going well. Movement Lab starts to unfold very quickly, and begins to even get those tensions out in the low back, pelvis or hips. With Movement Lab work, a scenario is created where the pelvis holds itself in a more natural and correct way.

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