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Lower Back Pain in Bellingham

Lower back adjustmentIf you’re like many people with low back pain, you wake up experiencing stiffness and difficulty bending over. You may see yourself appearing crooked in the morning. The little things, like tying your shoes, can be painful.

At Noble Chiropractic, we find that most patients with low back pain have an SI joint issue. Back pain can also be from the lumbar spine. Some type of ligament sprain is probably the main culprit for low back pain, but it’s also coupled with inflammation, which is a big generator of low back pain in general.


How We Help

In addition to providing chiropractic care to relieve back pain, Dr. Noble seeks to correct muscle imbalance through cold laser therapy. “As we start to get things recruiting and working much better, that begins to create symmetry in the pelvis,” says Dr. Noble. And that’s when you start to take the pressure off the SI joint, which is the big wedge that goes into the pelvis.

As the pelvis twists and rotates, you’re putting more stress into the ligaments, but also into the low back. When you couple that with inflammation, it starts to weaken the tissue. Add in muscles that are not as responsive as they should be, like when you bend over or lift something, and you have a recipe for the injury. The idea is to begin to balance those muscles, so the pelvis will start to be balanced, and not have that twist on it.

And as you start to take that twist out of there, you’ll begin to take the pressure off of those ligaments, and then you reduce the inflammation down, and that stabilizes it.

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