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Movement Lab in Bellingham

What Is Movement Lab?

Movement Lab is a technique developed by Dr. Noble to alter neural patterns to reduce asymmetries in the body which affect balance. Over the past four years of testing, Dr. Noble discovered that most people have a delay in their ability to hold a position because of diminished muscle recruitment.

With Movement Lab, we can reduce the delay and improve the muscle recruitment pattern quickly. Once we’ve made the change to the neural pattern, it holds and becomes your “new normal” pattern. What this means is that we can eliminate any twist to the spine, even out leg-length discrepancies, balance shoulders—everything in the body.

By creating this global change in function, the body becomes stronger, more powerful, more agile.

For athletes, we see quicker reaction times, more power and agility, and an overall optimization of athletic performance. For the general population, we help patients regain lost function so they can continue enjoying their favorite activities.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Movement Lab is that its changes (and the chiropractic adjustments it facilitates) hold. Our goal is for your condition not to flare up again, period.

Movement Lab is easier to demonstrate than to explain, so we show patients some videos to help them understand the process. You’ll be able to feel the change immediately, and we will take before and after videos so you can see the difference in your posture and symmetry.

Movement Lab is not a stand-alone treatment, but part of our overall approach to care. Your individualized treatment plan will also include chiropractic adjustments and other healing therapies, as dictated by your condition and goals. Dr. Noble explains the entire process so you understand the underlying causes of your condition and how our care can help you exceed your goals for healing.

Senior Movement Lab

For our senior Movement Lab patients, we love seeing their new ability to move through the world with ease, trusting their balance and building their confidence.

Children Movement Lab

Want to see your kids get a massive confidence boost? Find out how Movement Lab for children could help!

Chiropractic Patient Movement Lab

Discover the synergistic effects of combining chiropractic care with Movement Lab.

Athletes Movement Lab

Up your game, and be at your athletic best with the help of Movement Lab!

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