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Movement Lab for Children in Bellingham

Doctor with childDid you know that confidence in movement is one of the early forms of confidence in kids? Some children move effortlessly and without fear or anxiety, while others experience apprehension or hesitancy. At Noble Chiropractic, we offer Movement Lab for kids of all ages to help them achieve that confidence in movement.

What Exactly Is Movement Lab?

Movement Lab is a method created by Dr. Noble to change neural patterns to decrease asymmetries in the body which affect balance. After several years of testing, he found that most people have a delay in their ability to maintain a position as a result of diminished muscle recruitment.

With Movement Lab, we can decrease the delay and increase the muscle recruitment pattern rapidly. After changes to the neural pattern have been made, those changes hold and become your “new normal” pattern.

How Does It Help Kids?

Movement Lab creates strength and movement, producing neurological patterns that recruit muscles very quickly. When things recruit fast, you can move nicely, and when they don’t–when they recruit slow–movement patterns tend to be poor. With a child, you tend to see that with confidence in movement.

Dr. Noble’s work with kids in Movement Lab starts to give them confidence to move better. “Children also grow with these neurological patterns, and that gives them higher confidence,” he said.

A Case Study

Two of Dr. Noble’s young patients were twins (a girl and boy). The girl’s body was made like an athlete, and the boy was at the other end of the spectrum. As an example, the girl was confident in jumping on rocks to cross a river, and her twin wouldn’t do that. Instead, the boy would try and hold on or crouch low to gain some stability.

After Dr. Noble worked with the boy, his confidence went up. He could see how the boy moved so much better. “Movement Lab allows kids to grow with a body that’s a lot stronger,” said Dr. Noble. Perhaps best of all, it takes just a few sessions to get results with kids.

Dr. Noble’s daughter has great movement and balance, and he has been doing Movement Lab with her for quite a while.

Helping Children Be at Their Athletic Best

Movement Lab is particularly helpful for young athletes seeking a competitive edge. “When they have that confidence, they can inherently rise up to the cream of the crop among athletes,” said Dr. Noble.

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