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Noble Chiropractic FAQs

Common Care Questions Answered

What is Dr. Noble’s treatment style?

Dr. Noble primarily uses Torque Release Technique™ as his adjusting method as well as an energetic method he developed. Both are gentle techniques, which most patients appreciate!

Why are two 45-minute appointments needed when becoming a patient?

Dr. Noble wants to understand the best he can about what is happening and why you are coming in for treatment. To gain this understanding, the first appointment is where Dr. Noble sits down with you to get a history, followed by an evaluation. If you’re ready to get started, you can receive your first treatment. During the second appointment, Dr. Noble goes over the results of the first appointment and gives you a plan for moving forward.

What is a typical treatment schedule to resolve my issue(s)?

Most treatment schedules are 9 weeks in duration. During this time, we do 10- and 30-minute appointments.

What is the difference between a 10- and a 30-minute appointment?

The 10-minute appointment times focus primarily on adjusting and improving neurological patterns in the area(s) of interest. Rather than just making corrections to neurological patterns while lying on a table, Dr. Noble wants to see his patients move, because that’s what we all do in this world. The 30-minute appointments focus on making changes to neurological patterns based on various challenges, which allows pain to recede quickly, function to improve dramatically, and the chance of reinjury to diminish markedly.

Do I have to do a treatment plan, or can I come in when I want to?

You are in complete control. Our treatment plan is just a suggestion. We have patients who come in for regular maintenance “tune-ups” or when they want to do so.

Do you treat athletes?

Yes. Dr. Noble has been treating athletes since 2006, from amateurs to professionals at the top of their sport. He currently volunteers with the Western Washington women and men’s soccer teams, treating various injuries and for performance.

I’m not an athlete or athletic. Is Movement Lab too difficult, or even right for me?

Yes! Movement Lab is a great avenue for athletes, but also for those who don’t consider themselves athletic. Movement Lab restores or improves balance, agility and confidence while in motion for anyone athletic or not. For seniors, it can be transformative in terms of confidence to walk down stairs or on uneven ground. It simply helps anyone move better. Who doesn’t want that?!

Payment FAQs

Do you take insurance?

Our treatment fees are less than or right at most co-pays, and end up being less than most deductibles. Patients pay at the time of service, and we provide a Superbill, which you can simply mail to your insurance company. If you have out-of-network benefits, you may be eligible for compensation from your insurance company.

Can I use my Health Savings Account card?

Absolutely! We accept payments using your HSA account.



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