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Why Use Probiotics?

“The intestinal tract can thus be considered the most extensive disturbance field for the regulatory system. As such it stresses the matrix system through toxins and mineral deficiencies, since it is in the abdomen that this tissue is most abundant and in its purest form.”* Antibiotics, environmental toxins, processed food, gluten intolerance all contribute to damaging or destroying the intestinal flora that resides in the small and large intestine. Even small disturbances to the flora causes stress to the entire body. This stress shows up in damage to immune system, hormone system, neurological system, enzyme production and in tissue healing rates. Vitamins, trace elements (especially zinc and iron) and minerals start absorbing at a lower rates causing these systems to break down. As zinc levels fall the body loses its ability to detoxify heavy metals (i.e. mercury). Iron levels fall causing decreased hematocit levels and any endurance athlete knows the meaning of that, less oxygen available for muscles and decrease in performance. 

It is paramount to preserve or restore the flora of the intestine if one is to not only attain optimum performance but also optimum health. Using probiotics will restore this balance and coupling with a quality mutivitamin/multimineral will ease the stress put onto the body.  

*The Extracellular Matrix and Ground Regulation. Basis for Holistic and Biological Medicine. Alfred Pischinger, 2004 pp162.

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