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Was I really Born To Run?

Yesterday I did my second run in two days! This is significant, very significant. When I was 14 years old a team of podiatrists thought it would be a good idea to fuse a bone in my left foot because it was flat and I was having some pain. Naturally this caused my biomechanics to be more than little challenged for running. Then in 2001 I was hit by a car and had my right femur fractured into 4 pieces. Again, resulting in more biomechanical challenges. My thoughts on running after being hit by the car was that I would never be able to run again. I tried over the years but it was always…off. What changed? I focused on clearing my nervous system…removing the interference and correcting the damage that was causing my biomechanics to break down even further.

I had read Born To Run a couple of years ago and thoughts of running danced back into my conscience. (I am a lifelong cyclist focusing mostly on mountain biking.) Many of my patients are runners who came in with a nagging injury and I was able to get them up to speed and back to running so this furthered my desire. I decided to remove the barrier, put on my shoes and get the question answered. Could I run? Going up and down the stairs my leg had felt stronger. One week ago I laced of my 5 year old pair of barely used running shoes and went out for 10 minutes. No issue. I ran a few days laters for 15 minutes and still no issue. I ran again for 15 minutes and still no issue. This past weekend I did two 30 minute runs and felt great and had no issue. I can run. Wow! This is crazy. Next question, what is the limit?

When I tried to run a few years back it was my right knee that could not take it. But after getting my nervous system cleared my biomechanics are sound enough to be able 30 minutes of running. I will keep going longer. Run without limits one might say. Chuckanut 50 thoughts are now entering my conscience thought. :)

You can see my scans before (top one) and after. It is getting there and looking much cleaner hence my ability to run now. (Color is bad. Red is the most severe nerve interference.) The area that was red on the scan also is the area of the spine where the nerves go off to the heart. I used to have heart palpatations. As of late I have not been experiencing those either. More nerve supply to the heart does what? Healthier FUNCTION.

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