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Snow Fanatics & Misalignment


Are you a snowboarder, skier, sledder, snowman building fanatic? We all know how possible it is to take a slip or fall at this time of year despite the activity. We at Noble Chiropractic suggest you snow fanatics take care of yourselves and address any winter sport related injuries as soon as possible. After an accident, prompt care is important for preventing long-term injuries and chronic pain. Accidents can alter movement patterns, which put stress on the body, creating injuries down the line. The faster we can diagnose these alterations, the faster they can be corrected – thus allowing you to enjoy years of skiing or riding.

Yeah, we’re not all thinking long-term when we’re picking our way down a line, pondering that big drop, or simply riding a groomer, but understanding what an injury or bad fall can do to your enjoyment later in life should be understood. It does not mean that you shouldn’t drop that big line, it just means should you fall – get yourself checked out to be sure all is good so that you may continue for years to come. We need to take care of our bodies. Should an impact occur, such as whiplash, it’s a good idea to get checked out. We’re here to restore motion to the joints and influence your nervous system to keep you healthy and ready for any adventure! Stay tuned for upcoming winter specials!


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