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Overcoming Persistent Dizziness Post-COVID with Chiropractic

sitting at tableAs the world continues to grapple with COVID-19, many are familiar with the term “long COVID,” but fewer discuss the challenges of repeated infections. A patient in her early 50s, who had contracted COVID-19 for the third time in January 2024, faced such a predicament. Despite recovering from the acute phases of the virus, she continued to experience unexplained dizziness with no discernible pattern.

We’re glad she eventually found Noble Chiropractic and we were able to offer her the care that she needed. Here’s more on her story.

Initial Consultation and Discovery

When traditional medical assessments failed to provide clarity, the patient sought the expertise of a chiropractor renowned for their innovative approach to post-viral symptoms. During her first visit in mid-March, an examination revealed inflammation in her neck, leading to a hypothesis that her dizziness might be connected to this inflammation.

Chiropractic Treatment and the Noble Method

Dr. Steve employed a specialized treatment focusing on adjusting the C1 vertebrae, part of our unique “Noble Method.” The initial 10-minute session, however, did not yield significant changes. Not deterred, we adjusted the strategy for the follow-up treatment two days later. This time, we aimed to “break down the firewall” – a metaphorical reference to removing barriers preventing the immune system from addressing remnants of the COVID virus believed to be trapped in the patient’s neck.

Navigating Through the Healing Process

The patient was forewarned that the treatment could temporarily intensify her dizziness, a prediction that held true for the next 24-48 hours. However, this was a small price to pay for the subsequent relief she experienced. After just two sessions, her dizziness completely resolved, marking a significant turnaround in her recovery journey.

Lasting Relief

Upon returning from a vacation, the patient reported back to Noble Chiropractic, delighted with the lasting absence of her previous debilitating symptom. This follow-up confirmed the effectiveness of the chiropractic intervention, providing her with relief that had eluded her for months.

If you’re dealing with long-COVID or know someone who is suffering, we’re here to help. Book a visit with our team today.

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