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Laser Therapy

Why am I so excited about Laser Therapy? As another doctor stated, “it is as close to a magic bullet as I have.” In the 6 weeks I have been using the Erchonia Laser my dependence on it for a treatment tool has grown so great because of the results I have started to see. About 3 weeks ago a patient presented to my clinic with a acromioclavicular joint sprain due to a crash on his bike. Prior to treatment he was able to raise his arm about 90 degrees from the side, about 10 degrees bringing his arm across his body and about 20 degrees reaching back. After just one treatment with the laser coupled with the percussor and adjusting (with Erchonia’s Adjustor) we saw an increase to about 140 degrees he was able to raise his arm from the side, about 20 degrees bringing the arm in front and 30 degrees reaching back. He was also able to bear weight on the injured should after the treatment where he was not able to do so prior to being treated. After the third treatment he was back to riding and training and after 4 treatments he was racing and sprinting on the bike again. After seven treatments he is nearly pain free and has regained all of his range of motion.

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