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Headaches in Bellingham

person with headacheIf we had a penny for every patient we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming into the practice for headaches, we could fill an entire fountain!

While headaches are common, it’s important to understand that they aren’t normal, and if you experience them regularly, we’d love to help get to the bottom of the issue.

At Noble Chiropractic, Dr. Noble utilizes a variety of treatment methods and care options that help patients experiencing a variety of headaches and migraines get back to living happy, healthy lives without head pain.


Common Causes of Headaches

There are many different causes of headaches, and the most common ones include stress, tension, allergies, and dehydration. Sometimes, they can also be a symptom of more serious underlying health conditions such as migraines.

Dr. Noble believes that the number one cause of frequent head pain is inflammation in the body, and chiropractic care is a great solution for helping the body to better adapt to stress and inflammation.

How We Can Help

Dr. Noble is trained to address headaches by digging deep to identify the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction. Often, head pain is the result of muscle tension or imbalances in the spine and neck. By performing adjustments to reduce subluxation, chiropractors can help to alleviate this tension and restore balance to the spine and nervous system.

In addition, Dr. Noble may also recommend exercises and stretches to help relieve tense muscles and strengthen weak areas that could be contributing to the issue.

Learn More Today

Do you deal with frequent headaches? We’d love to help you get to the root cause of the issue with gentle, focused chiropractic care or non-invasive laser therapy. To learn more about your options or to book an appointment, contact us today.


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