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Chiropractic Care and Movement Lab: a Game-Changer for One Senior

older man smiling at tableEvery day, we find it fulfilling to help patients, particularly seniors, stay active. Here’s a case study of a patient with poor balance, but got it back through a combination of chiropractic care and Movement Lab.

This patient liked to move and play golf but had both knees replaced and wasn’t confident walking downstairs. He had poor balance and poor posture–the other piece of the puzzle. The patient also had a lot of discomfort through the hips, along with discomfort and inflammation in the knees. His movement was also restricted.

Dr. Noble’s suggested course of treatment for the patient was a combination of chiropractic care and Movement Lab work. “We started with chiropractic care, and then after a few weeks, we moved into Movement Lab work,” said Dr. Noble. With Movement Lab, Dr. Noble was able to see the patient’s balance and agility through testing. This patient’s ability to stand on one foot was greatly diminished.

His Confidence Went up Going Downstairs

Within just a few sessions, the patient started to see changes. His confidence went up while walking downstairs. His wife noticed it as well. Previously, the patient couldn’t walk downstairs without a rail. He had to be near a rail to walk downstairs, but after a few sessions, the patient could go down the stairs without needing a rail.

An Uptick in Quality of Life

For this patient, it became a game-changer to walk down a hill. said Dr. Noble.

For me, it’s exciting to change a person’s world. Having greater balance can enhance someone’s quality of life in their senior years,” Dr. Noble

The patient’s confidence not only changed his life, but also his wife’s. The couple has been able to take walks together, and he can play with his grandkids.

When you can move through life with ease, your happiness quotient improves dramatically. Call today to book an appointment!

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