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A case of scar tissue release at the knee resulting in decrease shoulder pain

Tuesday this past week I had a patient come in complaining of shoulder pain with cramping occurring to the pectoralis minor. A brief assessment his shoulder indicated some tight muscles but nothing more. I followed up with the question, “have you had any surgeries?” His reply was “yes, 10 years ago on my right knee.” The same side as his shoulder pain. After muscle testing to determine the scars were still active I started with the percussor on each of five scars. After percussing I muscle tested to determine if they were cleared or not and none of them were but each were testing stronger than prior to percussor. Using the laser I released three scars in the first treatment and the other two in a follow up treatment. After the first treatment the patient had no shoulder pain. I performed no treatment to his shoulder or neck and only treated the knee. Once the myofascia was released from the knee it allowed the shoulder to attain full range of motion by allowing the myofascia to flow freer.

I have seen this repeatedly now. I predicted before treating the scars that after treatment he would have a dramatic increase in range of motion in his shoulder not to mention his hips which was exactly the outcome. Untreated surgical scars can be career ending injuries of athletes and can limit the non-athlete in simple activities of daily living. These need to be cleared if a patient is to attain health.

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