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Laser Therapy and Brain Balancing

Why Brain Balance and what is it?

Brain balancing can significantly help a patient who has been injured and has favored a side while healing. It can also help someone as severe as a patient who has had a stroke.

Brain Balancing is achieved by determining which cortex is weaker and which cerebellum. Determining the cortex weakness can usually be determined using muscle response testing while having the patient count or hum. The testing muscle will usually weaken either while counting or humming indicating a weakened cortex. To determine the cerebellum weakness the patient can simply close their eyes while they stand with feet touching and hands at side. The side the patient sways to determines the weaker cerebellum. We can also have the patient walk heel to toe with eyes closed to determine cerebellar weakness.

Once weaknesses have been established treatment with laser into the cortex and cerebellum can bring balance and healing into those weakened areas of the brain. The change in balance will most likely be seen during the first treatment and will be felt by the patient and seen by any observers. I observed an increase in balance in my own balance and in my patients as well.

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