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No More Hip Discomfort & Yes to Playing Golf Again

old man holding weights on therapyEvery day, we’re honored to help patients find freedom from their pain and the regained ability to do what they love most. One of our patients is a 74-year-old male who presented with severe left hip pain, reporting no known injury. The pain, which he had for two weeks, was excruciating, having a 9/10 intensity in his left hip and a 4/10 in his proximal hamstring.

Lying on his right side, the patient was unable to lift his left leg due to the incredible pain, and while lying on his back, his left hip showed reduced strength. The discomfort in his hip was accompanied by tenderness and inflammation, indicators of a significant internal issue.

The Noble Method

Enter the Noble Method, a unique combination of mechanical aspects, energy work, and instrument-assisted chiropractic adjustments designed to create coherence in the nervous system. Dr. Noble had the patient come in for four 10-minute sessions, carried out twice a week for two weeks, to combat his hip pain.

Experiencing Progressive Healing

After the first session, the man reported no hamstring pain, and we observed improved hip strength. However, no improvements were seen in his range of motion while lying on the side. An herbal tincture, Total Bac-T by Microwest, was administered to reduce the inflammation.

Our patient could lift his leg somewhat during the second session, showing progressive recovery. No hamstring pain was reported, and hip strength had improved markedly.

The third visit brought an even more significant reduction in pain. At the start of the fourth visit, the pain was remarkably less, and by the end of the session, the patient was standing with absolutely no pain, and his side-lying abduction pain had reduced significantly.

Victory in the Pain Battle

By the end of the treatment, our patient saw a considerable reduction in pain after each visit, and his strength and stability had improved remarkably. Perhaps best of all, he could fly to his golf trip and enjoy the game he loves, setting a new bar for what patients can achieve with the right treatment approach.

Experience the Noble Method

Do you or someone you know suffer from debilitating body pain that affects your quality of life? The Noble Method, an innovative combination of chiropractic adjustments and other modalities, may just be the solution you need.

Over his 17 years in practice, Dr. Noble has used this method to consistently produce measurable and lasting results in pain reduction, improvement of physical stability, and overall energy. It’s time to live a better life. Contact us today to get started!

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