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Fourth Time's A Charm?

Dan the Man Probst is settin’ out again, in what will in all hopes be the final attempt at securing the possibility of the 108-mile bay-to-Baker-and-back accomplishment. This will be his fourth pursuit, this time accompanied by two others, California resident, Beat Jegerlehner and Bellingham’s Aaron Poh. These three men were part of the original eight who set out to tackle the task on June 27th. Bad weather kept them from obtaining the dream, but this weekend is/has to be/will be ready for the three ultrarunners.

“The run is only the first step in this vision to revive the spirit of the Mount Baker Marathon (and) to finally see a trail connecting Bellingham to our mountain,” Probst said. “Building a world-class event with the goal of inviting athletes from around the world. Growing community support for a project that will have a healthy and lasting impact on our community. These are the reasons I keep going back down to the bay and run out to the mountain.”

“Countless friends have supported and run with me in this effort.,” he said, “I have put everything into this run. It’s fully consumed me the last few years. As simple it has been in my mind, it has proven to be quite the challenge. ” (Bellingham Herald, 7/31/14)

Noble Chiropractic supports Dan in his adventure beginning tomorrow, August 1st, from Cornwall Park at 12pm. If you want to track his trip go online to Or via Facebook at the Cascade Mountain Runners page.

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