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Writing It Down To Get It Done

I was never one to write anything down. Mostly because I was unorganized but also because I did not see the point. The other day I saw a post from a friend on Twitter where he had posted his goals. They were seemingly simple everyday type of goals were it not for the fact that he was lying in a hospital bed. As I can personally attest to, goals shift when lying in a hospital bed to the most simple of daily activities (i.e. walk 10 steps today). But writing them down “makes them real.” So he wrote them down and has no doubt began to check them off. And, of course, checking them off is a form of positive feedback due to accomplishing something on the list. Perhaps one even heals faster for doing it.

My wife and I decided this year to write down our quarterly goals for both our business and our personal life. We have been doing this for the business but it was time to extend it to our personal life. Ever since Coral arrived getting things done at home has become a bit more difficult. But writing them down changed that. We would push ourselves to get those boxes checked off. When we verbalized the goals and did not write them down there is less incentive to get them done. And they often do not get done. Basically action is stalled when not written and bolstered when written down and put into a place where they are constantly looked at. Not only does this organize my day (week, month, year, etc) but allows me see the success and where I need to go next.  So…time to get the following goals done for the day.

Goals for the day

1. Stay on time with patient flow.

2. Send card to friend in hospital

3. Grocery shop for weekend hiking

4. Pack van for weekend trip


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