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Surgical Scar Tissue Release

Surgical scars limit range of motion to a greater degree than I ever imagined. I have recently been releasing scar tissue from as small as mole removal scars to appendectomy and c-section scars and the global range of motion seen in areas of the shoulders and hips has been nothing short of astounding.

Myofascia is a thin sheath that runs continuously throughout the body, never having an end or a beginning. It wraps around individual muscles, organs, vessels in one continuous manner. So if you have a surgical procedure such as a c-section or a mole removal the myofascia will become adhered to the surrounding tissues and will not move in that area unless it is released. In a sense a stress riser occurs. Movement will cease at that point restricting global range of motion.

Releasing these adhesive areas takes less than 30 seconds for each area typically and most often is noted by a dramatic range of motion increase. No matter the age of the scar or how long the surgical procedure was done one can and will see a range of motion increase if those area have not been previously released. Two weeks ago I released a 29 year old c-section scar and the patient was amazed to see how her range of motion increased by approximately 20 degrees in the hips and and she noted her arms as feeling much looser.

Talk to your chiropractor about getting those released and watch the miracle unfold before your eyes. It really is amazing.

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