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STRESS In 3 Dimensions

STRESS, STRESS, STRESS. Prior to my work as a Chiropractor I had only heard the word STRESS in association with school, work, relationships, finances, etc. All the psychological ones. I knew that STRESS kills! I also knew that STRESS will cause hair to fall out and jaws to clench. We’d heard the stories of STRESSed-out folks suddenly having a heart attack and dying…STRESS kills! The subject seemed to be focused on psychological STRESS only. At least for most conversations. But, like many things, of course, there is more to the STRESS story than meets the eye. Make absolutely no mistake, STRESS kills! Where the story expands is there are two more STRESSors that need to be included into the conversation: Physical and Biochemical STRESS. Physical STRESS includes but no limited to: birth trauma (80% of births result in some form of birth trauma to the spine), sports injuries, car accidents, computer programming, desk work, yard work, etc. Biochemical STRESS included but not limited to: sodas, alcohol, smoking, processed foods, any ‘food’ that is not whole, sugar, etc. Simply because it has calories does not make it a food. If food could be defined as something that will help the body thrive, like gazelle meat for a tiger and broccoli for the human then we would have to call most of what is in a grocery store…not FOOD…or more so, biochemical STRESSors. In reality then, STRESS is three dimensional. Physical, Biochemical and Psychological. As these STRESSors accumulate the nervous system becomes negatively affected. Since the nervous controls and coordinates everything we feel and experience our life experience starts to diminish due to illness and STRESS on the nervous system. STRESS on the nervous system ultimately creates disorder in the body as seen in many of the symptoms and disease people are experiencing today. Again, it is this disorder that will lead to disease. Remove the STRESSors that are negatively affecting the nervous system AND get your spine checked and cleared by a wellness chiropractor and the life experience becomes greatly enhanced. Continue on the same path and I am sad to say STRESS does indeed kill. Thanks for reading!

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