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Coral, Chiropractic Care and Colic

Having Coral arrive on March 25th of this year has been nothing short of amazing. Her full name is Coral Marion Noble named after my wife’s mother (Coral) and my mother (Marion). All the cliches about having a child have been inserted into my vocabulary that I use on a regular basis. My friends are no doubt bored of it so to them I apologize. But REALLY! She’s AMAZING! 

Now let’s get down to serious talk here as lives are at stake. Within an hour of being born Coral was given her first Chiropractic adjustment. I checked her neck and she was not able to rotate as well to the left. The top vertebrae was rotated to the right so with very gentle pressure (a pediatric adjustment) C1 rotated to the left and we saw immediate change in left rotation of her neck. Since that time she has been adjusted at least 20 times. She is fortunate. She will continue to be adjusted for years to come and she will grow with a nervous system that is free of interference allowing her and her body to thrive.
1 In the report referenced below a 1 month old had been diagnosed with colic by his medical doctor and was given medication to try and help them. He had both reflux and colic since birth and was not responding to medications. He was having 12-18 reflux episodes per day. Surprisingly, both parents and baby were not sleeping. After 6 pediatric chiropractic adjustments administered over 3 weeks he was down to 3 reflux episodes per day and was sleeping 6 1/2 hours per night. 

What happened? The nervous system was interfered with…chiropractors call it subluxated. The brain was not communicating with the body at 100%. Some of the nerve impulses from the brain were making it down to the body otherwise there would have been paralysis but not enough to give this child a chance to thrive. So reflux and colic resulted. Chances of developmental delays in this case are huge. Walking, talking, growing, learning, etc. Thriving. 

Chiropractic can absolutely resolve colic. This story is repeated daily in chiropractic offices around the world and in the science…well beyond the review that I have listed here. Yet, many more infants are suffering from colic and the implications to nerve interference on the future of these children can be devastating!! I and thousands of other chiropractors are screaming at the top of our lungs for this message to get out. Children are needlessly suffering and there is a safe and effective solution out there.

My plea to you is this: spread the message that there is help for infants suffering with colic (same for ear infections as well). Please have their parents take them go to a wellness chiropractor. If you don’t have a recommendation for a wellness chiropractor in your area try the ICPA or CLAs to help locate one.

Thanks for reading and thank you for making a difference in a child’s life.

1 Roulette D, Monroe C: Improvement of Infant Colic and Reflux Following Chiropractic Care: A Case Report & Selective Review of the Literature. J. Pediatric Maternal & Family Health – April 16, 2012. 


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