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Imagining The Impossible

I recently watched a movie about BMX Freestyle legend, Mat Hoffman. No one went higher in a half-pipe than Matt Hoffman. Nor did anyone go higher on a ramp. He’s gone as high as 50 feet off the ground out of a ramp…landing back down on the same ramp. Fifty feet! Truly amazing. He was so far ahead of his time and is arguably the greatest innovator in the sport of Freestyle BMX.

Another person who went beyond what was thought possible was Steve Jobs. He was tough to work with for certain, but as difficult as people found him to work with, almost all who worked with him did something they thought was impossible. He asked them to reach beyond what they envisioned as being reasonable. He obsessed about every detail of every product Apple made…down to the power cord and the packaging. That obsession resulted in some truly amazing products that have changed the way we live. His reach is so far it boggles the mind how much he was able to achieve in a short life.

So why not dream big? Working with the D1 State Cross Country Champion I see a dreamer. I see someone who imagined himself being the State Champion and went out and became that person. He will no doubt do some amazing things in his life. He dreams bigger than most.

Have you ever imagined the impossible and had it happen? Few things in life can be more rewarding than pulling off something we thought was out of reach or impossible for us. In reality few things are truly out of reach or impossible.Our beliefs tend to be our biggest cheer leader in either limiting or propelling us. I have realized that dreaming past our limits creates the success. When I applied to university I chose a lesser school because I did not have the belief I could get into the school I really wanted. I, got in to the lesser school. I moved all my stuff out there and when I got there I did a reality check and knew that is not what I wanted. I rebooted and applied to the school I really wanted to go to. I got in. I was pumped. It was also a good lesson to aim higher….always. The real difference between those who are successful and those who are not is one’s belief system.

Imagine the impossible. It’s pretty cool!

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