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Considering Minimalism

Last week I wrote how I had not even considered running in years but have now found my feet moving at what one may call a pace other than walking. I am up to 38 minutes as my longest run so far with no issue. Pretty remarkable to say the least. I did 3 laps around Cornwall park last Wednesday. I even had the intention of doing the Thanksgiving Day World Championships but that fell through when our daughter Coral decided to take a break from sleeping the night before from 10:30pm to 2:30am. Oh well, next year. I did manage to get out for a 30 minute run prior to the big feast on Thanksgiving day though with Rondelle (my super cool wife).

Now I have to start thinking about a new pair of shoes. When I bought my last pair there was little thought because they were purchased prior to Born To Run which completely changed the running shoe world. Amazing how one book did that. Had that book never been published I would have little to think about. Five years ago MINIMALIST was not the buzz word it is now in the running world. Is that word trademarked? Hmmmm…anyhow like every other consumer item the choices are plentiful and the MINIMALIST shoe basically has created an entirely new industry and, for now, a niche market. So do I choose a MINIMALIST shoe or do I go with a less trendy and hip shoe such as its counterpart the MAXimalist shoe which will offer up “protection” for my left foot but may be all wrong in light of the MINIMALIST movement? Decisions. To be continued…


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