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Low Back Pain - A Performance Killer


Low back pain or LBP is one of the biggest performance killers in athletics. If pain starts 30 minutes into an event – your performance is shot.

There are reasons why LBP occurs, which is often because of a poorly functioning nervous system. And what does that mean??…a poorly functioning nervous system?? Well, the nervous system controls everything. Literally everything in you and about you. It has control over your performance and when it is not functioning at or near its optimum, you are not at your TRUE peak. Big deal right? James Oschman, PHD stated, “The performer at the peak of his or her ‘game’ is able to achieve total cooperation, coordination, and participation of every tissue, cell, molecule, and atom within his or her body to produce every aspect of the desired performance.” The nervous system controls the cooperation, coordination and participation. When you have LBP this not happening. There are interferences in your nervous system. Cooperation, coordination and participation is minimized, so one can’t be at their peak. Impossible. However…

Getting your nervous system corrected and balanced creates the platform for achieving peak performances. Your TRUE peak. This is what we do here at Noble Chiropractic. We balance the nervous system and get folks rockin’! Bottom line. “Shortly after seeing Dr. Noble I started feeling stronger and more powerful on the bike. I saw an increase in my wattage during training and faster recovery times off the bike.” Jeff Beltramini

Get balanced. Go fast. Experience no LBP. Have more fun.

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