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Dr. Jeff Spencer

I spent Saturday at a seminar put on by Erchonia (the laser company) and Dr. Jeff Spencer. He taught us more gems on using the laser and gave us some insight into what he did to keep Lance Armstrong and the rest of the team healthy during LA’s 7 wins and then Alberto Contador’s win (In 8 TDFs the team only lost a total of 3 riders…that I imagine is unprecedented). I left with a greater understanding of how the body works. Dr. Spencer is at the forefront of the profession and it was great to be able to get some of that knowledge. For me, since using the laser my way of treating has been flipped upside down as the “old model” of adjusting and some soft tissue treatment and giving exercises seems like a lifetime ago. The “new model” focuses a great deal in getting the nervous system “turned on” and getting the organs reset nutritionally. Thanks Dr. Spencer for sharing your insight and for your passion for the profession. Never stop learning and applying!

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