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Better Performance, Faster Recovery, Greater Longevity

The title states what we all want both athletes and non athletes. In practice I strive to deliver on these ideas. On the athlete side my patients have been reporting better performance and faster recovery. Why is this? One reason is the lending of nutritional support to the adrenal glands. Many athletes (and non athletes alike) are in a state of adrenal fatigue. These glands work to regulate stress in the body. When these become weakened of fatigue the body goes into a state of weakness. Being in a state of weakness is not a good place to be for an athlete who is attempting to perform at their best and recover quickly for the next event…or for work the next day. Once we start to support the adrenals nutritionally we start to see better performances and faster recovery times. It is like magic. Couple this with supporting the gastrointestinal tract through the use of enzymes to aid in digestion and real magic begins to occur. New PRs have been set and for one of my patients a National Championship back in May.

Supporting the system as a whole through adjustments, laser, nutrition, etc. can create in the body an optimization not realized by many patients ever. I have been a competitive athlete much of my life and my own performance has improved and I recover much faster than I ever thought possible. It really is amazing what the body can do when it is given the environment to perform at its peak. Having my patients consistently report they are performing better and recovering faster is more than enough reason to love what I am doing. It really is an amazing time in health care.

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