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Dr. Noble's Multipronged Approach Relieves Patient's Back & Knee Pain

closeup knee in painOne of our patients, a man in his 60s, came to us with years of chronic low back and knee pain. His passion for refereeing high school basketball games was sidelined, as he could barely walk up and down the court, let alone run. However, after engaging in our comprehensive care plan, he’s now fully exercising and running on a treadmill, hopeful about returning to the basketball court.

The Diagnosis

On his first visit, Dr. Noble conducted a detailed examination, which revealed inflammation and neurological weakness in the hip and knee areas, leading to significant instability. This instability was more pronounced in his left knee, resulting in degeneration in the knee and back.

The Treatment Plan

Dr. Noble’s treatment plan combined chiropractic adjustments and movement therapy. Even after the first visit, the patient experienced immediate pain relief. Over time, his cheerfulness and optimism returned as he regained strength and mobility.

The Torque Release Technique was used primarily during the chiropractic adjustments. After six visits, we progressed to Movement Lab, where we observed his movements and made necessary corrections.

This next-level method allowed him to experience significant changes in his mobility and pain levels. The patient also had some laser therapy sessions.

Nutritional Counseling

Reducing inflammation was a critical part of this patient’s recovery. We implemented nutritional counseling, checked his omega levels, and introduced vitamin D supplements into his regimen. We also guided him towards healthier eating habits, all of which contributed to reducing inflammation.

Home Exercises

To supplement the in-office treatments, we provided him with exercises to do at home. One particularly effective exercise for knee patients involved running backwards on a treadmill. This unique exercise greatly contributed to the strengthening of his knee.

The Road Ahead

Today, our patient is a changed man. From struggling to walk for 10 minutes, he can now run forwards and backwards on a treadmill for 30 minutes. His goal of returning to refereeing basketball games is within sight. But even if he doesn’t, he’s found fulfillment in exercising and feeling stronger.

Chiropractic care isn’t just about treating symptoms, it’s about empowering patients to take control of their health. If you’re struggling with chronic pain, schedule an appointment with us today. Let’s work together on your journey to better health.

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