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I spent a long time trying to find a really good chiropractor. I found Dr. Noble 2 ½ years ago and had one of my best seasons ever after working with him consistently…my body has never felt better, never felt stronger. I would not go to anyone else here in Whatcom County.

-Michael Koenen, former punter/kicker Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Chiropractor Bellingham | Noble Chiropractic

Chiropractor BellinghamWhat if you knew that it was truly possible to remove the physical and mental roadblocks that stand between you, optimal health and peak performance? To actually restore your mind and body and live each day not only feeling well but to also know you are performing at your peak? Well, not only is it possible, but the keys to getting there are right here in Bellingham.

Noble Chiropractic is a Results Driven Office

Our patients understand why they are experiencing pain or chronic injury and the path we will take to resolve their problems. Bellingham Chiropractor, Dr. Noble’s treatments produce real, discernable changes in the body that our patients can feel. Because we believe in results we use multiple assessment techniques including the subluxation station to ensure that progress is being made. Assessment is done on the first visit and regularly throughout the course of treatment to show patients their progress over time. Our patients enjoy seeing the improvements that they feel reflected in their improved assessment results.

I went to Dr. Noble feeling completely hopeless about my chronic pain and recurring injuries. Every time I visit his office, I have immediate, tangible relief like I’ve never experienced… Ali B

Ancient Wisdom, New Technologies

At the core of Noble Chiropractic, is our passionate confidence in the healing power of the human body. We strive to optimize health through the removal of subluxation, or the stress on spinal nerves that causes loss of health and therefore loss of performance. This allows the nervous system to work without interference, enabling the body to perform like it should.

State-of-the-art technologies that we use to diagnose and treat patients, like the Subluxation Station, help the body to help itself. Advanced treatment, together with our patients’ efforts to give their bodies the right food, movement and thoughts, means that optimal health and peak performance is truly within reach.

Dr. Noble has extensive experience treating those with car injuries and whiplash, families, and athletes- from top professionals to weekend warriors. Contact us to experience superior results today!

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