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Mid-Back Pain Relief in Bellingham

Activator adjustmentMid-back discomfort can be debilitating. You don’t have to live in chronic dysfunction. At Noble Chiropractic, we provide effective pain relief by finding root causes and dealing with the problem at the root.

Tracking Down the Source

It’s easy to describe where you’re feeling pain–but harder to know where it’s coming from. Discomfort may come from the spine itself. It’s just as common to be referred pain from a problem elsewhere in the body, like the ribs or shoulders, since the shoulder muscles run all the way down to the hips.

Powerful, Effective Breakthroughs

Dr. Noble will carefully adjust your back, as well as any ribs that may be out of alignment. Many patients experience breakthroughs when we adjust the shoulders. As the shoulder muscles function better, that takes pressure off the back.

We’ll also use the laser technique to change the shoulder’s neurological patterns so your muscles work properly. We often start to see changes in pain levels quickly as those muscles come back online.

Easing Inflammation for Holistic Relief

Most patients also have a lot of tenderness in the muscles on either side of the spine. That sensitivity is inflammation stuck in the body. It needs to be dealt with to get rid of discomfort and immobility.

We work on clearing up inflammation, using the laser technique as necessary. Many practitioners focus on providing temporary relief with adjustments. For long-lasting improvement, however, it’s essential to deal with the inflammation and get muscles to work properly again.

Healing Posture With Muscle Work

Many patients in pain carry their heads too far forward and frequently shrug their shoulders forward. As we restore muscles and nerves to proper functioning, we see our patients start pulling back into better posture. This goes a long way in relieving symptoms.

It’s just as essential to improve your workplace ergonomics so you’re not going back to the same pain triggers every day.

Reach Out and Start Today

At Noble Chiropractic, we want to see you living at your best. Schedule an appointment today.


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