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Knee Injury Treatment in Bellingham

Knee adjustmentFor many people, the cause of their knee pain is a mystery. While some can point to a specific occurrence, like a sports injury, this hard to describe pain under the kneecap or on the side just kind of creeps up on them.

While there are different types of pain, at Noble Chiropractic we commonly see those resulting from overuse, or unexpected inflammation.

How It Happens

When Dr. Noble tests the affected knee, hip, and foot, the first thing he notices is the step, and poor muscle recruitment, which indicates a delayed firing pattern. When the muscle has ample time to respond, typically you’ll have decent muscle recruitment. The faster it needs to respond, the greater the delay, which becomes a problem.

For example, say you’re starting a running program. A couple of weeks into the program, you start having knee pain. The delay creates the problem, because every time you take a step, those muscles are required to respond quicker than if you were walking.

When you strike the ground, the opposing forces from the ground return into the body. Each time that force bounces back, it chips away at the tendon, eventually creating these small tears that add up, causing inflammation and pain.

You might even experience pain from walking, if the delay is extreme, but it usually shows up from running or some exercise where you’re asking the knee to respond faster.

Not Just The Knee

In many instances, knee pain reflects a global issue in the body. If the knee has delays, the foot and hip will also show evidence of delays. Weakness may show all along that line, causing alignment issues, which may also stress the knee.

Dr. Noble stresses that to achieve global peace in the body, care cannot be restricted to any one joint. The foot, hip, and possibly the back must be looked at. We also have to look at the other leg for issues related to compensating for the affected side.

How We Can Help

Regular chiropractic adjustments are an important part of helping correct your knee problems. In addition to the joints, foot bones, fibula, or tibia may also need adjustment. Dr. Noble uses extremity adjusting every day in his practice to give you the results you need.

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