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Are You a Runner Looking to Improve Your Performance?


Are you prone to knee or ankle pain? Does your I.T. band act up? Have you had to stop running due to an injury?

If you are a runner experiencing any of the above or any impediment to running and racing, we can help. Dr. Noble works from a whole body perspective. Using state of the art diagnostic equipment and software he can pinpoint the root cause of your injury and identify the steps necessary to correct it. Because he operates from a global perspective, runners often also see an uptick in their performance. Why? Simple – Dr. Noble works to bring your nervous system back to health. When you have a properly functioning nervous system your body functions at a higher level. Runners who have worked with us have reported experiencing fewer injuries, recovering faster from workouts and performing at levels otherwise unobtainable – many setting personal records and winning races.

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High School State Champion!

“Thank you so much for helping me achieve one of my high school dreams by bringing home the 1A State XC Title!! I couldn’t have done it without your help!”

– Dillon Quintana, Bellingham, WA – 1A High School Cross Country State Champion -2012, 1A High School 2-Mile State Champion – 2013

run-henry-james-200Fastest Time in the Country

“After more than 5 months off from training with a thyroid condition, I lost and regained close to 30 pounds, needless to say I was not very healthy for several months. During that time I worked with Dr. Noble who maintained all along I’d end up healthier and faster….. this year. With just two months of track workouts, I ran my first 800 and posted the fastest time in the country for my age group. Dr. Noble put me on a path to get to the next level with my running. Five months ago, I never thought I’d even be in a position to complete this year, I feel healthy, strong and ready to run. Thanks Dr. Noble.”

– Henry James, III, Bellingham, WA

brittany gappa

“Dr. Noble has helped me so much in the last few years!

Through various minor injuries, and this year — not being able to run (or even stay healthy) because of a bad VCD/allergy/stress combo — Dr. Noble has been there to help me work through everything. I can confidently say that he’s the best chiropractor I’ve ever had, not only using a variety of different practices and always striving to learn more, but he also has such a positive and confident attitude and explains exactly what he’s doing and why. I’m preparing to attend a D1 university for running, and I’m doing better than ever, which is such a relief to say after having a bad finish to my Cross season and a train wreck of a Track season. I’m back being able to think about training hard and running fast (which is what I love), instead of worrying about being able to breathe, or getting sick again. I would highly recommend Dr. Noble to any athlete who is struggling, and also to anyone with persistent health issues; frankly, he’s the best.”

Brittany Gappa, Bellingham, WA – D1 Collegiate Runner

charlie sunderlage“Winning the Seattle Marathon in November 2009 was the greatest running accomplishment of my life.”

It was also the start of over a year without running due to injury. I thought my body was just “beat up” from the race, but as days turned into weeks and weeks into months, I knew my injury wasn’t going to get better with rest. I tried several treatment methods without much success. I had an MRI which only showed that there was no structural damage, but didn’t show what my problem was.

I started seeing Dr. Noble in April ’10. Right from the first appointment, I felt like he was “on my team” and that he cared about my recovery and progress. I saw some improvements immediately with some of my issues, but still wasn’t able to run. Dr. Noble continued to work on other options and explore other routes of treatment. He also worked well with the other health care professionals I was seeking help from. But the real breakthrough came when Dr. Noble tried a new form of treatment he hadn’t really used before dealing with viral and bacterial infection.
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His continued learning and willingness to try new avenues is what kept me coming back. Eventually he hit on one of the major issues and the results were definitely easy to see. Soon, I was able to start running cautiously and then normally until I was back to a full training load. My first few races back were near PR’s despite the missed training time, and I even set the course record by over 15 minutes at the Baker Lake 50k. Since I began running again, and occasional visit to Dr. Noble has kept me healthy and probably functioning at an even higher level than before the marathon. I love that he listens, and is also an endurance athlete so he gets that mentality. He is also genuinely interested in my races and events as well as my health. Overall, a great experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others. “

– Charlie Sunderlage, Bellingham, WA

Emma’s Hip Issue
Here, Emma takes us through her hip issue of one year and what changes she has seen since starting care.
Coach Mark Kerr

Coach Kerr shares what triggered him to see Dr. Noble, how he is doing now and how managing his stress has improved since starting care.

Conner’s Improvement

Conner sharing how his nagging hip injury is now cleared and turning in PRs as his nervous system becomes more balanced. Good stuff.

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