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Are you experiencing back pain from rowing? Do you have knee, shoulder or leg soreness from paddling? Feeling fatigued or experiencing a loss of power? Do you have a repetitive injury? Dr. Noble is an expert at acute injury care, utilizing specific chiropractic adjustments, Erchonia cold laser, Kinesio tape and soft tissue work to speed recovery. Dr. Noble’s whole body approach and state of the art diagnostic equipment and software are uniquely suited to the strains of rowing and paddling. The bodily distortions that occur during rowing and paddling can be minimized when the nervous system is brought back to health. A properly functioning nervous system means a stronger more powerful body which leads to fewer injuries, faster recovery and better performance. Dr. Noble has worked with 2x Olympic Gold Medalist, Eleanor Logan, contributing to her body’s ability to withstand an elite rower’s workload and competitive level.

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Dr. Noble Interviews Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Eleanor Logan

Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist – Eleanor Logan

“My name is Eleanor Logan and I am a two-time Olympic gold medalist in 2008 and 2012 for rowing in the women’s eight.  When I was referred to Dr. Noble by a friend I was initially just seeking someone who could adjust my back and get relief from the stress of training 3 – 5 hours a day puts on my body.  I have never fully understood the exact science behind chiropractors but I do know that every time I went to a chiropractor I always felt better afterwards.  The adjustments in the past always gave me relief, however, it was always only a temporary relief, the next day or the next week I always felt “out of place” and had pain again.  Since moving to Bellingham in February and working with Dr. Noble I have discovered that I have been functioning at a low level.  Dr.Noble explained to me that my body hasn’t been “running on all cylinders.”  I was actually excited to hear this because if we could get my body to function on “all cylinders” then I could train harder and more often, and potentially get even faster.

It has only been 4 months and in addition to eliminating the nagging pain in my back and neck, Dr. Noble has been able to activate and strengthen my body which has allowed me to function at a much higher level.  I recently looked back on all the training I have done these past four months and was surprised to see how much intensive training I was able to accomplish without getting injured or needing an extensive time to recover.  I also compared my before and after speeds from the water and have dropped seconds off my times, which could mean the difference between first and last when I compete.

Along with the actual physical results I am seeing in my strength, functioning, recovery, and speed I also enjoy going to Dr. Noble because I can tell he is passionate about what he does. Which means he is constantly evolving his care and learning new techniques so he can find what really works and is always searching for the best way to treat his patients.”

- Eleanor Logan, 2X Olympic Gold Medalist Women’s-8 Rowing (2008 & 2012)

“When we met six months ago, Steve predicted people would start asking… “What are you doing!?” After three PR’s in three weeks at our Wednesday Night paddle races and a blue ribbon in the Iron Division at the Traverse…his predictions have come true. It is time to give some huge props to Dr. Steve Noble, my chiropractor and guide to reaching a healthier, richer way-of-life.”

- Heather Nelson, Bellingham, WA – 3X Ski to Sea Top Gun, 1st Place 2012 Bellingham Traverse


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