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Noble Chiropractic Patients’ Video Testimonials

Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Eleanor Logan

“It’s been amazing.”

Brad’s Health Improvements

Here Brad takes you through his health and athletic performance improvements including his decrease in tachycardia events since committing to care. Very exciting video!

Julianne talks about not living with pain

Julianne talks about the changes to her overall well being and how working with Dr. Noble has impacted her life.

Julia’s Back Pain Story

Julie talks about the impact to her life after care with Dr. Noble.

Stevan’s Health

Stevan describes his life changing experiences with Dr. Noble which have allowed him to pursue a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Michael Koenen, Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Punter/Kicker

“One on my best seasons after working with Dr. Noble.”

Tracy’s biggest benefit while under Dr. Noble’s care

“I have been not only able to keep moving, but to increase it.”

Conner’s Improvement

Conner sharing how his nagging hip injury is now cleared and turning in PRs as his nervous system becomes more balanced. Good stuff.

Jennifer’s Success

Jennifer shares how Dr. Noble helped her to achieve her running goals and continues to keep her healthy.

Aaron’s Recovery

Aaron speedy return from a full achilles rupture.

Dillon’s Improvement

Dillon, Mt Baker High School Senior, his performance has improved since he started working with Dr. Noble at Noble Chiropractic.

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