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Are you struggling to maintain your training schedule? Do you find yourself prone to injury when you up the ante? Do you have back pain or knee pain when you ride?

If this sounds familiar we can help. Dr. Noble’s whole body approach and state of the art diagnostic equipment and software allow him to identify the root cause of your issue. Dr. Noble is at the forefront of injury care utilizing specific chiropractic adjustments, Erchonia cold laser, Kinesio tape and soft tissue work to speed recovery. Operating from a global perspective Dr. Noble is often able to take riders beyond their injury and to a new level of performance; he is uniquely qualified to work with cyclists: a cyclist himself, he has treated many professional and elite level cyclists. Additionally he worked with the Western Washington University cycling team from 2006-2011 and the Fanatik cycling team from 2009-2010.

Schedule an appointment and get ready to win!

“Shortly after seeing Dr. Noble I started feeling stronger and more powerful on the bike.”

Jeff Beltramini“My name is Jeff Beltramini and I started seeing Dr. Noble in September of 2012.  I am an avid cyclist and I like to compete in cyclocross and mountain bike races. I came to Dr. Noble after watching a friend recover from an injury and how quickly he was progressing with the help of Dr. Noble. Shortly after seeing Dr. Noble I started feeling stronger and more powerful on the bike. I saw an increase in my wattage during training and faster recovery times off the bike. With the help of Dr. Noble I was able to become MFG Cyclocross Series 45+ 1/2 Champion, place 2nd Overall in the Seattle Cyclocross Series and get on the podium at the USGP of Cyclocross in Bend, OR by placing 3rd. There is no doubt seeing Dr. Noble played a major role in helping me achieve my goals.”

Jeff Beltramini, Anacortes, WA – MFG Cyclocross Series 45+ 1/2 Champion, 1st Place Duo 80+ Men BC Bike Race 2013

“Everyone knows the saying “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.”

I started seeing Dr. Noble purely on recommendations from several friends in the community. As an elite-level mountain bike racer, my performance and health are crucial to my success, but after years of training, major improvements are hard to come by. Through Dr. Noble’s care, my racing has risen to a consistent high level that I never thought possible. My power numbers on the bike are higher than ever and my daily physical and emotional health are also the most stable than I have ever seen them.

For several years I had suffered from occasional left knee pain that I usually just ignored. After only one visit with Dr. Noble, it felt like my left leg suddenly came online. No more knee pain and I am now pedaling more efficiently. I had no idea what I had been missing out on! Whether you are looking to have a health issue sorted out or seeking a competitive edge in your sport, Dr. Noble can definitely help.”  – Logan, Bellingham


“While receiving care from Dr Noble, I have seen dramatic performance increases on my mountain bike.”

After two major leg injuries, I didn’t think I would ever get back to where I was. Not only am I back but I am crushing all of my previously timed sections of trail on Bellingham’s amazing trails. My body recovers after hard training so much better with his care which enables me to train harder than ever. I generally have to force myself to take days off because my body feels ready to go everyday. At this point, after seeing such amazing results, I can’t imagine my life without Noble Chiropractic. Thank You!”

Respectfully, Aaron Mickels, Bellingham, WA

“About ten years earlier I severely sprained my left ankle during the off season.”

scott alexanderAfter a long slow recovery the following race season was riddled with knee pain and IT band issues. By the end of that season I was pretty burnt out and ready to take some time away from the bike, a lot of time, 10 years. Now that I’m back I have completely different goals but my competitive side is still very much intact. As I continued to train and gain fitness I really started to notice a difference in leg strength. Not only was my left leg weaker but as I gained muscle mass in the right leg the left leg stayed nearly the same. It felt uncoordinated, almost disconnected from my body. I tried some isometric exercises on the bike with no perceivable results.
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When I went to see Dr. Noble he immediately diagnosed my “profound weakness” and after the first adjustment it was like the lights turned on in my left leg. I could actually feel myself applying power to the pedals on that side. The feeling of fatigue in my legs after a hard ride is balanced now. After a few weeks my body adjusted to the left leg being back online and they feel pretty much normal. I do what I would normally do on a bike but now I know that they legs are working symmetrically which is a pretty incredible feeling!”

– Scott, Bellingham

“Dr. Noble has helped to keep me happy and smiling while I ride and race my bicycle.”

It’s always more fun when you feel good. It’s always more fun when you’re faster! Dr. Noble helps you have more fun! I could get into all the services and techniques that Dr. Noble has available to treat patients with, but the bottom line is Dr. Noble works with the patient to return their body to balance. To the way it should be. The way it wants to be. Everything effects everything else. When a body out of balance is returned to balance, normal body functions can seem almost magical. Recovery from hard efforts is lightning quick. My immune system is ridiculously strong. I’ve not been sick for a long time. I usually have pretty serious allergies, but those seem to have gone almost completely away as well.

If you’re interested in getting your body in tip-top shape – again, or for the first time – Dr. Steve Noble can help you do it.” – Patrick (Bellingham)

ryan rickerts“I had been intending to see Dr. Noble for at least a year, perhaps even well into last year…”

Maybe just a bike fit or something mild to start with. Typical procrastination on taking care of yourself, a few mis-scheduled appointments, and it just didn’t come together.

After listening to him speak at our sponsor dinner and after breaking my tailbone in early August and battling with lower back pain in every ‘cross race and losing power before the finish, I was finally motivated enough to get some treatment and started seeing him that same week, on Thursday.

I got one treatment, started on some supplements, and put his changes to the test at a Seattle Cyclocross race that very next Sunday at Sprinker Park in Tacoma, on Nov. 8th. My wheel blew up on the first lap (rim failure) so I ran a FULL LAP on hard concrete in bike shoes carrying my bike. I got a wheel from Kevin Hall and did 5 more laps. My legs were trashed but my back did NOT seize up like it had been. Obviously my result was not good, but wait it gets better.Read more…

I started seeing him two times a week following that, getting treated on everything he could find: back, neck, lazy glutes, old scar tissue on my knee, depleted kidneys & adrenal glands, even emotional stuff. If there is a weakness there, he can spot it and “up-regulate” it.

I couldn’t make it down to a ‘cross race the following weekend, but I did three tough workouts in a row and felt more power all the way through. Tele skiing at Baker on Friday, fixie ride up Vista and around Ferndale on Saturday, ‘cross ride up to Fragrance Lake on Sunday. Probably about 8 hours of tough leg and back work. Even as my legs were cashing out, I just felt like I could dig a bit deeper into my core to generate power.

The next weekend I went really big. I put on a cyclocross race, biggest course I’ve ever had to build. This takes a ton of energy: lifting heavy equipment, lots of stress, and short on sleep. Then I raced the A’s, which was 55 minutes on what people called a very tough course, and did not even get lapped or take last place!

Next day I go down to Sedro Woolley, and people who raced in Bellingham Saturday are complaining about their legs feeling heavy. I feel fine. From a back row start, in one lap I’m with the leaders (including Patrick Means). I lay the bike over once and fall back a bit, but I finish in 10th which is MY BEST SEATTLE CX RESULT EVER! I have been doing this 5 years now.

This past weekend I did the ‘cross ride with Phil & Brian on Saturday to “loosen up the legs” prior to Seattle CX final in Monroe. We climbed up to the towers on Galbraith, which is not a little ride. I had lots of power and core strength to handle climbing up the technical terrain in a bigger gear with that geometry. Then on Sunday, a few mechanical issues kept me from getting any significant warm-up prior to my start, which was the back row of a 60 man field. It took just a half lap and I was in the Top 10 again. I blew by everybody, and the leaders were within reach. Then I crashed twice, once really hard on my head, and got knocked back a few spots. I still held on for 13th, and had plenty of gas left on the last lap. I felt like I could do two more and fight for 10th again (chasing Brian Dagnon).

So there you have it folks. Perennial Cat. 3 racer gets 6 treatments from Dr. Noble, and he’s getting his best results in a long time. Nothing benchmarks your performance improvements like a good hard competition against your peers. Go see him on Wednesday and judge for yourself!”

– Ryan, Bellingham

“Dr. Noble’s treatments have kept me riding and racing strong day in and day out. I put a huge number of miles in and Dr. Noble has kept me injury free. His nutritional supplements have improved my recovery allowing me to reach peak performance.” – Phil, Bellingham